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Malaysian Civil Defence

Sealegs Sets Multiple Records in Malaysia

Twenty seven Sealegs boats landed on Langkawi Island, Malaysia, setting two records in the process.

6.1m Sealegs

Sealegs Update: December 2018

Season's greetings from Sealegs, with higlights on the Electric E4, Pennicott Wilderness Journeys, Jpark, the new 8.5m Alloy Cabin, and more.

9m Hydrasol RIB

Sealegs 9m Amphibious boat to Feature at Paris Boat Show

After a successful launch in the Southern Hemisphere, the new 9m amphibious boat is set to feature at the Paris Boat Show.

Two 9m Sealegs amphibious boats at Jpark Resort and Waterpark.

JPark Island Resort, Philippines

In November 2018, two 9.0m Hydrasol RIB amphibious Sealegs crafts were delivered to Jpark. These used to take park guests on multiple adventures.

Sealegs Electric

Sealegs Charges Into The Future With New Electric Amphibious boat

Sealegs unveils its electric E4 model which is 33% faster, 60% quieter and 50% more powerful.

Sealegs RIB

Sealegs Delivers World's Largest Amphibious Enablement Systems

The first of three new 12.8-metre amphibious boat is joining the fleet of award-winning eco-tourism business Pennicott Wilderness Journeys allowing tourists to explore Australia’s coastal wilderness without spoiling it.

Robbie Wells on a 7.7m D-Tube

Robbie Wells - Sealegs Enthusiast

Meet Robbie Wells, a true Sealegs amphibious enthusiast with a passion for all things outdoors, fishing, and Sealegs.

Onetangi Beach Races

Sealegs Sponsor Largest Recreational Amphibious Event In The World

Sealegs International are pleased to confirm Platinum Sponsorship for the Onetangi Beach Races, 2018, marking the fifth consecutive year that Sealegs has been the platinum sponsor for the event, and celebrating its 20th anniversary of modern races this year.

Sealegs Announce Amphibious Boat Builder Program

Sealegs Announce Amphibious Boat Builder Program

Sealegs International today announced the Australian commencement of its Amphibious Boat Builders Program. The program has been established by Sealegs to give traditional boat builders outside New Zealand access to its patented amphibious technology.

New Amphibious Ecotourism Venture in Australia

New Amphibious Ecotourism Venture in Australia

Sealegs International begins supplying componentry for the first of three planned amphibious ecotourism boats to Australia's Pennicott Wilderness Journeys.

Sealegs Release Hydrasol Amphibous Technology Installation Platform

Sealegs Release Hydrasol Amphibous Technology Installation Platform

Sealegs releases its latest iteration of amphibious enablement technology. Code-named Hydrasol, the new platform allows for a Sealegs Amphibious Enablement System (AES) to be mounted inside a boat console.

7.1m Sealegs - West Lake Fire Dept

West Lake Fire Department, USA

West Lake Fire Department in Erie Pennsylvania is more than impressed by Sealegs' capabilities, and the support of our team.

6.1m NDMO boat

Disaster Management, Fiji

Sealegs delivers four customised amphibious boats to support Fiji's emergency services and improve response capability in maritime environments.

7.7 D-Tube

Sealegs Announces New Model of Amphibious Boat

Sealegs announces the release of its new 7.7m Sport D-Tube boat thanks to extensive customer feedback and market demand for a larger and more rugged open amphibious boat.

Onetangi Beach Races

Sealegs Celebrates 100th Amphibious Waiheke Island Customer

Sealegs celebrates a century of amphibious boat owners on Waiheke Island at the Onetangi Beach Races.

7.7m ESSCOM Sealegs boat

ESSCOM, Malaysia

Sealegs delivers five highly specialised amphibious 7.7m Full Width Console RIB boats to ESSCOM to use as patrol boats.

Air Services 7.1 Sealegs boat

Air Services, Australia

Airport Services Australia increased its fleet of amphibious boats with the addition of four new 7.1m RIBs. 

Sealegs co-founders, Maurice and David.

Sealegs celebrate the completion of their 1000th craft

Sealegs commemorates the production of their 1000th boat.


Sealegs release the IKA11

Sealegs releases its large format Amphibious Enablement System (AES) for boats up to 12m metres or 6500kg.  Called Sealegs System 100, the new system is designed with the military market in mind.

IKA11 on water


The IKA-11 was the first boat to utilise Sealegs large format amphibious "System 100". Built as a proof of concept for the system the IKA is optimised for shallow water and riverine missions where land was previously an insurmountable obstacle.

Sealegs Interceptor 9000

Sealegs Releases World's Largest Amphibious RIB

Sealegs releases its newest and largest amphibious rigid inflatable boat (RIB) to date, the Interceptor 9000.

Sealegs supplies boat to Malaysian Police Force

In conjunction with its Malaysian distributor LMT Maritime SDN BHD, Sealegs have just delivered three commercial 7.1m RIBs to the Malaysian Police Force, with more orders likely later this year.

Sustainable Coastline's beach clean-ups.

Sealegs Participates in Waiheke Clean Up

Sealegs lends its land and sea capabilities to Sustainable Coastline’s Love Your Coast Waiheke Island Beach Clean-ups.

6.1m BOMBA Sealegs boat

BOMBA, Malaysia

Bomba held a fleet of 18 Sealegs amphibious boats, which were used extensively in the weeks and months following severe flooding in 2014, transporting people and supplies, and performing numerous rescues.

7.1 Sealegs at Queensland Parks

Parks and Wildlife Service, Queensland

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service procures a 7.1m Sealegs RIB to help staff gain easier and safer access to the islands they are charged with.

fire rescue in a 6.1m Sealegs

Sealegs Firecraft

Fire Departments using Sealegs Amphibious Boats:

  • Westlake Fire Department
  • BOMBA Malaysia
  • Angelsea Fire Co.
  • Lewisville Fire Department
  • Lake City Fire Department
  • Italian Fire Department
  • Bangkok Fire Department
Starck boat

Starck and Starck

​The acclaimed creator Philippe Starck designs his custom-made amphibious boat in collaboration with Sealegs to get the perfect boat for his needs.

7.7m Sealegs Coastguard boat

Sealegs Coastguard boats

Sealegs amphibious boats are widely used by Coastguard around the world, thanks to their amphibious nature and speed for rapid rescues.

Coastguards using Sealegs include:

  • Hibiscus Coastguard (Auckland, NZ)
  • Tauranga Coastguard (Tauranga, NZ)
  • Broome Sea Rescue (Broome, WA, Australia)
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