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Getting Started

If you're here because you're a new Sealegs owner, congratulations on being the latest in a long line of happy customers to Be Amphibious! We've put together all the information you need to make the most of your new amphibious craft and included it all in this page.

If there's something you can't find or you just want to have a chat - please feel free to contact us. For now, watch Sealegs CEO David McKee Wright get a little help from the All Blacks to teach you all about your new Sealegs.



There is a large base of knowledge stored in the Sealegs Owner's Manuals, both of which can be found at the links below. If you have questions or issues with an aspect of your Sealegs, this is a great place to start. If you cannot find what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our service team.

Manual for 6.1m and 7.1m

Manual for 7.7m

Manual for 7.5m

Quickstart Guides

These quick reference guides are great for helping you learn how to operate your Sealegs. We have two versions - one for Sealegs that have the centre "sport" console, and another for the other models. Feel free to download these for your personal use.


6.1m, 7.1m, 7.7m D-tube





7.7m Wide Console, 9.0m Hydrasol RIB





7.5m RIB


Sealegs Registration

Registering your Sealegs (whether you've purchased it new or pre-loved) is the best way to ensure you get up-to-date service information and the quickest possible answer to any queries or issues you may have. Please complete the registration form for your Sealegs.

We Can Help

Call Outs

If you run into trouble with your Sealegs in the greater Auckland area, we will help you get back up and running.

Contact us directly on 0800 SEALEGS to get in touch with our service professionals.

If your call-out is not urgent, you can fill out our contact form and we will be in touch.

Parts Orders

We ship spare parts, options and accessories from our warehouse in New Zealand to all parts of the globe.

If there is a part you need, we can ship to you direct or put you in contact with your nearest service agent who can take care of everything for you.


Need to know how to check your hydraulic pressure? Want to know what PSI you should keep your tyres at? Or simply need some help using your Sealegs?

If you can't find what you need on this support page, the service department at Sealegs is always happy to help.


Keeping your Sealegs servicing up to date is very important. It allows you to keep on top of any required maintenance, and gives you the peace of mind you want when you're out on your Sealegs.

We can book services locally, or put you in touch with your nearest service agent.


Like any vehicle, it is important to keep your Sealegs servicing up-to-date. Our comprehensive portfolio of services are designed to ensure you spend more time out on the water, knowing your Sealegs will not let you down. This keeps the joy of Sealegs alive.

Sealegs services can be done at the factory in Auckland, New Zealand, or by one of our many service partners across the globe. Our partners have been trained specifically in the maintenance, service and care of a Sealegs, to ensure that all of our crafts are in good hands when it's time for their service. Our outboard servicing is completed by our partners who are industry leaders in outboard care.

Routine inspection and maintenance is an essential activity to prolong the life of your Sealegs Amphibious boat, outboard motor and accessories, as well as being important for user safety. The service schedule is determined by the frequency of use, application, and the environment in which the boat operates.

The Sealegs service schedule consists of a ‘1st Service’, ‘Annual Service’, and ‘Internal Hose Replacement'. A service placard is placed inside the hatch of the console of each Sealegs boat on completion, and this is used to track the next scheduled service.

Below is a chart describing the timing of each type of Sealegs service. As a rule, every Sealegs amphibious boat must be serviced in line with the schedule below to maintain warranty.

Service Type


Inboard Hour Intervals

Outboard Hour Intervals




20 (For more information, visit the Yamaha website here)




20 (For more information, visit the Yamaha website here)



Additional every 4 years irrespective of hours.

The INTERNAL HOSE REPLACEMENT occurs every 4 years, irrespective of hours.

Every twelve months, your Sealegs craft should go to your local Sealegs Certified Agent for an annual service, regardless of the hours of use. 

Preventive maintenance of your Sealegs ensures your craft is always at the highest standards for operation and safety, therefore ensuring your enjoyment of use whenever you're ready to go boating.

The following is a breakdown of the workload of coverage at an annual service. It includes testing to ensure measurements and operational actions are all within expected tolerances, replacement of consumable parts and oils, lubrication points and final testing and grooming of your Sealegs.  


Inboard ignition, inboard throttle, leg extensions, joystick operation, land speed, steering test, AWD/2WD operation, diff lock test, emergency brake test, deck tread inspection, paintwork inspection, upholstery inspection, hatch and seal inspection, wheel RPM.
CONSOLE INSPECTIONS Inboard hour records, safety stickers and labelling, run lights, dash fittings, DC sockets, bilge pump operation, chart plotter, spotlights, winch, anchor light, navigation lights, horn, fitment and accessories, console mounting, DC box and brackets, battery box and bracket, headlights, VHF radio, AM/FM stereo, fire extinguisher
TUBE AND HULL INSPECTIONS  Tyres, headlights, external paint, hull and chine, bimini, clears and attachment, tube attachment and fittings, tube pressure test
BOW SECTION SERVICE Front wheel assembly, Front tyre and rims, Front wheel hub, Front fork, and pivot o-rings, Steering pivot, link arm and rod end, Steering ram and mount, Front wheel drive hubs and studs, Front drive motor and mounting, External hoses, Hose routing and guides, Front lift ram, Front bulkhead fittings, Bow bracket fittings, Yoke insert block and ram pivot, Yoke pivot pin and retainers, Trunnion bolt and pivot bushing.
Rear wheel assemblies, Rear tyre and rims, Rear wheel hubs, studs and bearings, Rear drive motors and mounts, Rear external hoses, Rear lift rams, Rear legs and stop pad checks, Transducer mounting, Transom bung, ski hoops and attachments, Rear upper ram pivot check, Rear lower ram, Rear leg pivot, Brackets.
Replace oil, Replace spark plugs, Air filter check and clean, Valve clearances, Cooling fans, Choke solenoid, Inboard wiring connections, Alternator mounting and belt, Engine mounts, Exhaust joints and manifold, Flexible exhaust coupler, Engine box mounts. 
OUTBOARD SERVICING Outboards referred to local Certified Outboard agent
FUEL SYSTEM Electric fuel pump, filter replacement, fuel line checks, fuel tank sender. 
STEERING SYSTEM Fluid level and quality, Bypass valve, Steering alignment, Power steering, Outboard steering ram, EPS checks. 
HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Oil level, Oil quality, pressure checks, Hoses, solenoids, valves, blocks, manifolds, filter changes.
FINAL LAND TRIALS Leg extensions, Inboard throttle, Joystick operation, AWD system, AWD/2WD, Diff lock, Steering operation, Land speed test, Emergency brake test.

Service Agents

Agents by Country

Full Service Agent

Established company with one or more agencies relevant to Sealegs (e.g. Yamaha or Evinrude), with full workshop located near a large group of Sealegs owners. - Full Service Manual - Access to Agent Site - Updated via Email

Service Agent - First Response

Established company/technician in a key area near smaller groups of Sealegs. Primary role is to help customers with immediate problems. Generally not authorised for scheduled servicing. - Full Service Manual, less service schedule where required - Updated via email

Service Provider

Local workshop or technician. Familiar with Sealegs customer.

Mercury Bay Marine
Mark Cosgrove
14 Moewai Road, Whitianga
Ph: 07 867 1280

Sealegs Waiheke Island
Ph: 0800 SEALEGS

PB Marine
Paul Bumford
Ph: 03 525 6264
Coastal Outboard Repairs
Ph: 03 021 529 154

Jacobs Well, Queensland
Mob: +61 (0)423 602 532
Email Michael

Gold Coast, Queensland
Marine Tronics
Hope Island
Visit website

O'Connor, Western Australia
RIB Rescue
4/12 Zeta Cres, O'Connor
Ph: 08 9244 9515

Blairgowrie Marina Services
PO Box 34 Blairgowrie,
Victoria 3942
[email protected]
T: +61 4 47 120 345

Tecno Marine
Ph: 00393479147392
Email Tecno Marine
United Kingdom
40 Salterns Way
Lilliput, Poole, Dorset
BH14 8JR
Ph: +441202707222
Email Salterns
Golden Arrow
27-31 West Quay Road
Poole, Dorset
BH15 1HX
Gavin Hogben
Service Manager
Ph: +44 (0)1202 677387
Email Gavin

Sealegs US Corporation
Greg Ewen
259 Franklin Street
Bristol, RI, 02809
Ph: 888-473-2534
Mob: +64 21 831 400
Email Greg

Sealegs West
Jay Coleman
Ph: 360-560-4023
Seattle, WA
Email Jay

Vancouver Island, Canada
Dowd Marine
Jono Dowd
Email Dowd Marine
STL Nautisme
Dealer & Service Agent
Granville, Normandy
Pierre Marie Thomas 
Ph: 02 33 69 22 75
DB Marine
Service Agent
North Brittany
Francis Durand (Owner)
Ph: 33 2 96 41 42 32
LeBlan Marine
Ploeren, South Brittany
Mr David Leblan (Owner)
Ph: 33 2 97 44 01 16
Capelle Yachting
Transport and Logistics
Juan Vieira (Owner)
Ph: +33 4 42 42 31 51
Armor Plaisance
Lezardrieux, North Brittany
Mr Thierry Bobony (Owner)
Ph: 33 2 96 22 10 36

Scott Humphries (MD)
Ph: 00 66 0 949749784
Office: 00 66 0 76602179
Email Scott

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