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Building on the 7.5m amphibious RIB, the 7.5m Alloy is a highly configurable, robust, and versatile amphibious boat.


The Sealegs 7.5m Alloy meets the demand of those looking for a highly configurable and versatile amphibious boat with a robust all-alluminium hull. Perfect for the keen fisherman or as a family day-tripper.

This new addition to the Sealegs modular range of amphibious boats provides a variety of seating, storage and usage options, with three different layouts to choose from. The choice is yours! 

The Benefits

  • Highly configurable, with different seating, storage and usage options, and three different layout options
  • Your choice of Electric or Hydraulic Drive with PLC Control
  • Can carry up to 8 passengers
  • Hardy aluminium hull provides significant protection from the elements
  • Utilises the latest in amphibious Hydrasol and Electrosol technology, optimizing the boats center of gravity, improving on-water performance

Contact us to learn more about the 7.5m Alloy, and how you can experience amphibious freedom.

Layout options
Choose from three different layouts to suit your needs
Digital Switching
PLC with Digital Switching for Amphibious Control at the push of a button
Hydraulic Electric
Your choice of Hydraulic or Electric drive.
Sealegs System

Each Sealegs craft is powered by Sealegs patented Amphibious Enablement System, or AES.

The AES, including a fully marinised system of hydraulically powered legs and wheels, is powered by a marinised 28HP inboard engine. This allows the craft to travel for up to 30 minutes within every hour at 7.5kph on land.
The fully integrated, turn-key package uses the same fuel source as the outboard, and is simple to learn and engage. Over time, the AES technology has improved to allow owners more freedom to use their Sealegs amphibious craft.

All wheel drive

All Sealegs craft come standard with All Wheel Drive (AWD). Both the front wheel and rear wheels have their own wheel motor. This allows for maximum traction and terrain capability when encountering beach inclines of soft sand, shell, shingle and/or pebbles. 

AWD greatly increase the maneuverability of Sealegs craft, but if further traction is required, reducing the pressure in tires can further increase traction in difficult terrain. Finally, diff-lock is available as an option to augment the functionality of AWD. 

The diff-lock option allows operators to force all wheels to turn in unison, regardless of traction (or lack thereof) available to all wheels. This, combined with AWD, will allow a Sealegs craft to overcome more extreme conditions.


Automatic Braking System

The Automatic Braking System (ABS) is an exceptional safety feature that comes standard on all Sealegs craft. ABS is a land-based mechanical brake within the rear drive motors which automatically activates when: the craft is parked and the inboard motor is turned off OR in the unlikely event of a hydraulic transmission failure OR if the operator activates the emergency stop button on the console.*

To support these enhanced safety features, the leg assemblies have been redesigned for greater strength and fitted with specifically designed hubs and bearings. In the interests of safety, we have engineered the system so that it can be retrofitted to most of the existing Sealegs customer fleet, so if you own a Sealegs without ABS and would like this system fitted, please feel free to contact us.

Extended run time

All Sealegs craft come standard with the Extended Run Time (XRT) feature. XRT allows users to run the inboard engine for far longer continuous periods than was previously possible, meaning that the range of Sealegs craft from the water's edge is much greater.

Using innovative cooling technology, users can drive on land for up to 30 minutes every hour. At 7.5kph, this provides a terrestrial range of 3.75km.

  no XRT w/ XRT
Runtime 10 mins / hr 30mins / hr

XRT Features include:

  • Fan-assisted hydraulic oil cooling - a high performance fan has been fitted to help reduce engine box and exit air temperature.
  • Hydraulic hot flush valve - sends hot transmission oil to the oil tank and replaces it with cooler filtered oil.
  • High temperature warning - warning lights on the dash panel and a buzzer alarm alert the operator if the hydraulic system is overheating.
  • Additional 45 amp alternator - an extra alternator allows for greater battery charging as well as the ability to run additional electronics.

All of the components required to bring the XRT system to all Sealegs have been chosen to ensure that they are light-weight and durable in the marine environment. This was all done without increasing the size of the engine box.

With the XRT package, Sealegs International warrants a run-time on land of 30 minutes every hour, with an annual recreational use of 100 land return trips (to a maximum of 20 hours total use).

Power steering

The Sealegs Power Steering (PS) system comes fitted with high pressure hydraulic hoses and fittings which result in an easier effort at the wheel - even when under heavy load. In the unlikely event of a failure in the electric power steering pump, the system automatically reverts back to standard manual hydraulic steering.

Power Steering combines fantastically well with the Sealegs AWD system, making new Sealegs craft a pleasure to operate. 

PS Features include:

  • Fingertip steering control
  • High pressure and grade hydraulic hoses
  • Works well with Sealegs AWD system
  • Manual hydraulic steering backup in the unlikely event of pump failure
  • Comes with on/off switch on console for stiffer outboard control on water.

Sealegs Power Steering uses an electric hydraulic pump to provide extra pressure to the steering system. This provides the operator with fingertip control at the steering wheel for a more enjoyable experience with far less effort. The Power Steering system makes three point turns and manoeuvring in tight areas a dream.

7.5M (24ft 7") Alloy specifications

Length Overall (wheels up)
7.8m (25’ 6”)
Hull Length Overall
6.29m (20’ 8”)
2.70m (8’ 10”)
Beam overall
2.25m (7’ 4”)
Draft (Outboard trimmed up)
0.42m (16 1/2”)
Hull Deadrise at transom
21 degrees
Hull Plate
5mm, (3/16”) Marine Grade Aluminium, (5083)
Displacement – no fuel
1600-1900kg (3527-4189lbs)
Max Payload (including passengers)
700kg (1543 lbs)
Max passengers
8 Persons, including driver
Fuel Capacity – Petrol
Below deck 180 litre (48 U.S. Gallons)
Top speed Max (Water)
40 knots (74kph/46 mph)
Recommended/Maximum Outboard
1x 200HP (149 kW)
Top speed (Land)
7.5kph (5mph)
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Customise your Sealegs

Below is a list of included features on the 7.5M (24ft 7") Alloy Sealegs boat.
Layout Packages (Layout options)
PLC with Digital Switching for Amphibious Control (Digital Switching)
Hydrasol or Electrosol (Hydraulic Electric)
1100 GPH Automatic Bilge Pump
Sealegs System 70
Boarding Ladder
Transom Ski Tower
Fixed Windscreen
Dual Scuppers
28HP Inboard Engine
Dual Battery System
Automatic Braking System
PLC Digital Switching
Joltrider Suspension Seats (Pair)
Bait Board
Transom All-Round Seating
Underseat Chilly Bin
7kWh Onboard Battery
Brushless Electric Hub Motors
Charging Kit
Simrad GPS/ Chartplotter NSS16
Simrad GPS/ Chartplotter NSS12
Chartplotter Upgrades - Outboard Interface
Chartplotter Upgrades - Active Imaging Transducer
Chartplotter Upgrades - Simrad 3D Structurescan transducer
Fusion Stereo Head Unit, 2 x 6" Speakers
Fusion Stereo Head Unit, 4 x 6.5" Signature Speakers
Fusion Apollo Series Head Unit 6 x 6.5" Signature Speakers, Amp, Sub
Battery Charger 7 amp (Hydraulic Drive only)
Saltwater Washdown Pump
Simrad VHF
All-Wheel Differential Lock & High Speed Drive
Anchor with chain and 50m rope
Tie Down Points
Hypalon Tube Upgrade to Orca 866
Rub Strip 2nd Layer
Storage Cover - Full Boat Cover
Centre Console Cover
Folding Bimini
T-Top - 7.5m RIB
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