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Bigger Is Better

Sealegs System 100 provides amphibious advantages for large-format leisure and work boats.

Designed to allow experienced boat builders and designers to incorporate the Sealegs system into their craft.

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System 100 can be fitted onto boats of at least 7.5 tonne and up to 13 metres (43 feet).

The addition of the amphibious capability of System 100 is an operational game-changer. It provides swift, seamless and safe amphibious landings of payloads and personnel without having to stop and disembark in waves and water in shallow tidal zones.

Contact us to learn more about the Sealegs System 100, and how it can revolutionize your boating.


System 100 ultilises all the experience and knowledge from 15 years of amphibious engineering and provides the benefits of this to large craft in the recreational, commercial and military markets.

Proven in demanding, high duty cycle commercial environments, the system provides advantages beyond traditional marine solutions including;

      • No required investment in coastline infrastructure
      • Versatility in routes and serviced locations
      • Dry and Safe
      • Reduced environmental impact when compared with building infrastructure
      • Innovative and forward thinking solution

All wheel drive

All Sealegs craft come standard with All Wheel Drive (AWD). Both the front wheel and rear wheels have their own wheel motor. This allows for maximum traction and terrain capability when encountering beach inclines of soft sand, shell, shingle and/or pebbles. 

AWD greatly increase the maneuverability of Sealegs craft, but if further traction is required, reducing the pressure in tires can further increase traction in difficult terrain. Finally, diff-lock is available as an option to augment the functionality of AWD. 

The diff-lock option allows operators to force all wheels to turn in unison, regardless of traction (or lack thereof) available to all wheels. This, combined with AWD, will allow a Sealegs craft to overcome more extreme conditions.


Automatic Braking System

The Automatic Braking System (ABS) is an exceptional safety feature that comes standard on all Sealegs craft. ABS is a land-based mechanical brake within the rear drive motors which automatically activates when: the craft is parked and the inboard motor is turned off OR in the unlikely event of a hydraulic transmission failure OR if the operator activates the emergency stop button on the console.*

To support these enhanced safety features, the leg assemblies have been redesigned for greater strength and fitted with specifically designed hubs and bearings. In the interests of safety, we have engineered the system so that it can be retrofitted to most of the existing Sealegs customer fleet, so if you own a Sealegs without ABS and would like this system fitted, please feel free to contact us.

Power steering

The Sealegs Power Steering (PS) system comes fitted with high pressure hydraulic hoses and fittings which result in an easier effort at the wheel, even when under heavy load. In the unlikely event of a failure in the electric power steering pump, the system automatically reverts back to standard manual hydraulic steering.

Power Steering combines fantastically well with the Sealegs AWD system, making new Sealegs craft a pleasure to operate. 

PS Features include:

  • Fingertip steering control
  • High pressure and grade hydraulic hoses
  • Works well with Sealegs AWD system
  • Manual hydraulic steering backup in the unlikely event of pump failure

Sealegs Power Steering uses an electric hydraulic pump to provide extra pressure to the steering system. This provides the operator with fingertip control at the steering wheel for a more enjoyable experience with far less effort. The Power Steering system makes three point turns and manoeuvring in tight areas a dream.

Enhanced Power Steering (EPS)

Enhanced Power Steering, or EPS, is Sealegs new proprietary steering system. EPS uses smart PLC and magnetic sensor technology to provide a smooth, seamless amphibious experience.

While operating a Sealegs craft with EPS on water the bow wheel remains central, but when the craft switches to land operation wheel steering locks in. During the transition, EPS ensures wheel alignment is central. This ensures perfect steering alignment on demand and ideal function during transition – all automatically.

In the unlikely event of a malfunction, EPS includes an emergency steering system, ensuring operation can be completed for repair. EPS represents the next step in amphibious craft operation and embodies the spirit of Sealegs craft – less hassle, more fun. EPS is standard on all 9m craft and will be made available as an option on other craft.

*Only available on specific models

Sealegs System 100 specifications

MAX gross weight
7500kg (16,000 lbs)
MAX donor vessel length
12m (39')
Air or radiator (Aqua Air)
37.4" x 19.6"
Top speed
9 kph (AWD) 5.6 mph
System weight
1800kg (3968 lbs)
Kubota 97hp (diesel)
MAX torque
9,300 Nm