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What Are Sealegs?

Sealegs amphibious crafts were conceived as a solution to a problem.

The problem: All the hassle and time involved in launching and retrieving a boat from a beach-front property or boat ramp.

The solution: Sealegs, which drive on land without compromising on-water performance.

Using patented amphibious technology, Sealegs drive on land and, with the push of a button, swiftly transform themselves into uncompromised and high performing powerboats on water. No more waiting in queues at boat ramps, no more reversing trailers, no more catching the tides. Sealegs solves all of these problems and more. Sealegs owners report up to 4x more use from their boat after switching to Sealegs, and it's easy to see why.

The Benefits of a Sealegs

  • Single-handed operation, giving one person the freedom to launch their boat by themselves
  • Immediate access to and from the water — no waiting, backing trailers, winching or parking
  • Embarking and disembarking is faster, safer and more comfortable than a regular boat for both personnel and passengers
  • Children can safely be in the boat at all times, avoiding possible accidents
  • More time on the water, less time spent getting in and out of water
  • The ability to access and explore places that are inaccessible in a traditional boat
  • Greater use of your investment
  • Perfect for tourism, providing a unique experience that requires less set-up and personnel than a regular boat
  • Highly customisable platform, allowing the amphibious boat to be modified for various applications

Who We Are

Sealegs began as an idea on a napkin in 2001 which quickly turned into a prototype - which quickly turned into a manufacturing company producing Sealegs amphibious crafts.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, one of the marine capitals of the world, and founded by Maurice Bryham and David McKee Wright, Sealegs has been constantly pioneering the way forward for amphibious boating since the first Sealegs came off the production line in 2004. All Sealegs are proudly designed and made in New Zealand.

Over 1500 Sealegs crafts are now spread over more than 55 countries around the globe, and we now have dedicated offices in the United States and Australia, as well as a wide network of distributors and service agents. Our amphibious crafts give unparalleled amphibious ability to our recreational customers (our "amphibians"), but they also reduce response times for rescue operations and provide a unique experience for customers in commercial applications.

Contact us to learn how Sealegs can revolutionize your boating.



  • Sealegs starts production
  • First 6.1m RIB released
  • Sealegs to challenge fastest channel crossing
  • Sealegs sole focus on crafts


  • Sealegs starts successful sales in Australia
  • Sealegs smashes English channel crossing
  • Sealegs hits 50 crafts
  • Sealegs unveils 6.1m D-Tube in September, Craft: #39

7.1 Sealegs rec craft


  • Sealegs receives European certification
  • Sealegs unveils amphibious rescue craft
  • Sealegs releases 7.1m RIB in December, Craft: #136


  • Sealegs Donates use of amphibious craft to Queensland SES
  • Sealegs released 7.7m Wide Console in October Craft: #589
  • Sealegs released 7.7m Cabin RIB in December Craft: #550
7m D Tube Sealegs


  • Sealegs set world record for South Island circumnavigation
  • Sealegs unveils new System 100 amphibious technology
  • Sealegs announces a revolutionary 10 meter amphibious craft


  • Sealegs supplies amphibious craft to Malaysian police force
  • Malaysia fire department increase size of Sealegs fleet
  • Sealegs announce the production of its 1000th amphibious craft
  • Sealegs goes B2B with its Amphibious Enablement System
7.5 Sealegs Hydrasol


  • Sealegs deliver more amphibious crafts to Malaysian government forces
  • Sealegs release first all fibreglass amphibious craft
  • Sealegs released Stabicraft in March, Craft: #991
  • Sealegs released 9.0m RIB in March, Craft: #1000
  • Sealegs released 7.7m D-Tube in August, Craft: #1108


  • Sealegs released 8.5m Alloy Cabin in August
9m Sealegs boat


  • Sealegs released 7.5m RIB in May


  • Sealegs expands Auckland premises and opens Showroom


  • Sealegs opens orders for 3.8m tender
  • Sealegs released 12m Cabin RIB


  • Sealegs expands into 4th premises on Auckland's North Shore



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