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Our Range

6.1m Sport RIB Sealegs amphibious boat with Yacht

6.1m Sport RIB

The 6.1m Sport RIB is the most compact RIB in the Sealegs family, and it’s perfect for negotiating smaller garages and spaces, or as a super yacht tender.

People hanging around a 7.1m Sport RIB Sealegs amphibious boat

7.1m Sport RIB

For the aspiring amphibian, the Sealegs 7.1m RIB is the perfect craft to take fishing or exploring.

Sealegs 7.5m Amphibious RIB at Cathedral Cove

7.5m Amphibious RIB

The 7.5m RIB is the newest release and advances the Sealegs range in design, function and aesthetics.

Sealegs 7.5m Semi-Cab RIB amphibious boat on the water

7.5m Semi-Cab RIB

Building on the new Sealegs 7.5m amphibious RIB platform, the Semi-Cab RIB protects passengers from the wind and weather, increasing comfort and protection.

9.0m Hydrasol RIB Sealegs amphibious boat resting on the sand

9.0m Hydrasol RIB

The 9.0m Hydrasol RIB is the largest amphibious RIB Sealegs has ever produced, and is a dream for anyone needing a large platform for their adventures.

12m Cabin RIB Sealegs amphibious craft render

12m Cabin RIB

The 12m Cabin RIB is a large platform craft, purpose-built for a variety of activities. Designed in 2020, for delivery in 2022