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Developed based on the patented Sealegs amphibious system together with over 17 years of Sealegs proprietary amphibious system knowledge, marinisation techniques and experience.

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Powerful, high-torque hub-mounted brushless electric motors effortlessly drive the Sealegs Electric amphibious craft out of the water and up beaches and through difficult terrain. The high density 7kWh lithium battery delivers up to 20 return launch and retrieve journeys on land between charges. Charging is via a built-in mains charger as well as via regenerative braking. Mechanical brakes are integrated into the hub motors.

The Sealegs Electric System allows for 1.5 hours of on-land drive time at 10kph. Providing a near silent amphibious experience, and taking advantages of additional sensors and software, our electric technology provides more power and great control.

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Electric hub motors.
5-6 hours (80% Charge)
Regenerative Braking
1.5 hours

All Sealegs amphibious crafts come standard with All Wheel Drive (AWD) – Sealegs Electric is no exception. All three wheels house marinised, powerful, high-torque hub-mounted brushless electric motors that effortlessly drive the Sealegs Electric out of the water and up beaches, through difficult terrain. The advanced electronic control algorithms of e-AES enable the Sealegs Electric to exploit torque vectoring and traction control technologies to improve the response, control and manoeuvrability of the Sealegs, no matter the terrain.

The drive-by-wire proportional joystick allows the user precise control of the amphibious craft whilst operating on land and our extensive tuning of drive controls means the craft will feel natural to any existing Sealegs operator.

AmpTracs™, Sealegs’ proprietary traction and control system, brings superyacht technology to the amphibious market for the first time, featuring as standard on all Sealegs Electric carafts. AmpTracs™ allows the user full control of functions from a single beautiful and easy to navigate interface on the Simrad display. Important functions can be digitally controlled from the touch screen in addition to physical buttons, with critical functions having built in redundancy.

The AmpTracs™ interface displays all the critical information and data you need to know based on the mode of operation, be that on land or water, and will switch automatically between the two. On land, AmpTracs™ will display electrical current movement and the State of Charge of the drive battery. On water, you will see engine speed and trim information in addition to navigational aids and depth data.

e-AES features the latest in marine lithium-ion battery technology. The electric drive system is powered by a 48V, 7.5kWh lithium-ion battery pack which is managed by an advanced Battery Management System (BMS) to ensure the health and longevity of the battery pack. The BMS manages all aspects of discharge, charging and isolation of the power system, and is integrated with AmpTracs™ to share critical data.

Never worry about getting caught short thanks to the easy and convenient options for charging the battery pack. Mains charging can be achieved in up to 5 hours (depending on starting SOC) from a standard domestic wall socket using the supplied charger, this will also charge the 12V batteries. Our advanced motor controllers provide charging through regenerative braking on a descent and finally, unique to Sealegs Electric, the drive battery can also be charged directly from the outboard whilst underway on the water.

Sealegs Electric specifications

26”x 11” all terrain 12-ply tyres on 12” alloy rims
On Land Power
7kwh Li-ion Battery with charging kit
Drive (Land)
All wheel drive, Permanent using Brushless electric hub motors with included automatic traction control
Seastar power assisted hydraulic steering
Primary/Dynamic - Regenerative Electric Emergency/Automatic Park – Electrically released mechanical brake
High crank start battery (750 CCA) House battery (120 AH) Accessory Battery (90 AH)
PLC Digital Switching
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