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Season's Greetings Amphibious Enthusiasts!

I hope 2018 has treated you all well. Sealegs continues to grow above market expectations, and after 14 years we've learned to celebrate these successes while learning from the trials and tribulations along the way.

As we grow and become more successful, managing the company presents new challenges, and I'd like to take the opportunity to thank all the many people who give us the best of what they have day after day because they are excited by our mission and by meeting these challenges head on.

These are our staff, our suppliers, our directors and shareholders and most of all our loyal and enthusiastic amphibious customers. Sealegs flourishes because we all know we are the innovator not the imitator, and from that comes the strength to build what will be an iconic kiwi brand for our stakeholders to be proud of.

Electric E4

Proud Like we were to release Sealegs Electric E4 - the latest generation of Sealegs electric drive craft.

Many of you will have seen articles and videos of the craft, but if not there are more details below.

Pennicott Wilderness Journeys

Proud like Senator and Pennicott Wilderness Journeys of their new System 100 AES craft. Tourism opportunities are opening up around the world - especially for amphibious activities - and if you’ve got an idea for a System 100 craft contact Jack Ewen at [email protected]

Jpark, Phillippines

Proud like our commercial customers - like JPark in Cebu, Philippines. One of the aforementioned tourism opportunies, explore how Sealegs are being used to create amazing experiences for JPark's guests.

New 8.5m Alloy Cabin

Proud to have released the 8.5m Alloy Cabin and thankful for being able to work successfully with Stabicraft for as long as we have.

Thank you to Paul and the team at Stabicraft for a great product and relationship.

FMS and Sillinger

Proud to be a contributing part of FMS along with our partner companies Sillinger, Willard Marine and Lancer Industries. Keep your eyes peeled for more collaborations between group companies in 2019.

Employee of the year

Proud like we are of our employee of the year - selected from a group of nominated heroes.

Our staff make us what we are - so we are always excited to share their successes with you.

New merchandise store

Proud like we are of our new merchandise store. If you're looking for something branded with your favourite amphibious boat brand - look no further.

You can access awesome Sealegs gear here. Note that fullfillment of orders may experience delays over the close-down period.

While the list of successes for Sealegs this year is long, what stands head and shoulders above them all is that as a team we were able to grow the business 20% - while continuing to innovate and produce incredible new products. Today we say goodbye to a fantastic 2018 and welcome the promise that 2019 brings.

Finally I’d like to send my very humble holiday message of gratitude to all those people who put everything into Sealegs this year. Thank you for working so hard without always seeing the fruits of your efforts. I see all of it - and I appreciate it.

A special note goes out to all the wives, husbands and partners of the people who make Sealegs happen - thank you for your patience and support.

Happy Holidays,

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