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Sealegs Sets Multiple Records in Malaysia

Twenty seven Sealegs boats landed Friday on Langkawi Island, Malaysia, setting two records in the process.

The first for being the largest assembled fleet of government-owned Sealegs anywhere in the world by the Malaysian Civil Defense Force (APM), and Fire Department (BOMBA).

The second for the longest trip undertaken by a fleet of amphibious boats, which was registered in the Malaysian Book of Records. The fleet took off from Melaka State on the 21st of March, travelling more than 700km north along the East coast of Malaysia to Langkawi Island and making pre-planned stops to demonstrate the advantages of Sealegs technology for emergency response.

The Langkawi Amphibious boat Expedition, as it was called, was organized and led by APM’s commissioner Datuk Roslan Wahab and coincided with both APM’s 67th operational anniversary and the 2019 Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA’19). The expedition's purpose was to demonstrate the capability and efficiency of Sealegs amphibious boat responding to the increasing number of coastal emergency situations in Malaysia.

Commissioner Wahab said “through this program we successfully tested the operational capabilities of the Sealegs fleet, which is geared towards accelerating water-based rescue operations, and APM’s level of preparedness in the face of disasters”.

Sealegs co-founder and CEO, David McKee Wright, who was in Langkawi to meet the arriving fleet, said “the significant gathering of Sealegs here reminds me of the Onetangi Beach Races held each year in New Zealand with record numbers of recreational Sealegs in attendance. The similarities to that event are as significant as the differences - which aptly demonstrate the wide range of uses for Sealegs amphibious technology".

"The completion of this journey is further proof that Sealegs amphibious boats are perfectly suited to responding to emergency situations in Malaysia and abroad, and we look forward to working with APM in the future to ensure they have all they need to maintain and grow this high-capability fleet”.

A welcome ceremony was held on Langkawi today to celebrate the record setting arrival of more than 130 personnel. During his speech, APM official Datuk Seri Eizlan Yusof noted that the trip confronted them with “a variety of obstacles and challenges including hot, rainy, and turbulent seas but was ultimately worth the recognition”.

For further information, contact David McKee Wright Sealegs co-founder and CEO 0292 777 444.

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