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Sealegs Release Hydrasol Amphibous Technology Installation Platform

Sealegs International has today released the latest iteration of its amphibious enablement technology. Code-named Hydrasol, the new platform allows for a Sealegs Amphibious Enablement System (AES) to be mounted inside a boat console.

This new platform makes the AES easier to install and improves the performance of larger craft through centre of gravity optimisation while maximising effective deck space. The hydrasol complements the existing Hydrapak option - a stern mounted platform for the AES kit.

This new platform allows for the weight of the amphibious system to be installed above the craft's centre of gravity which improves on-water performance. Furthermore, being fabricated from aluminium, the Hydrasol is a safer installation platform in the unlikely event of a fire.

The Hydrasol has been developed from experience of the 1,250 systems Sealegs has delivered internationally. In addition to the centre-mounted platform, it comes with the newly released Amphibious Exhaust Labyrinth, enabling the exhaust to be discharged under the hull. This modification reduces heat, noise and eliminates deck fumes making the amphibious experience even better.

Sealegs CEO David McKee Wright said “the Hydrasol has already been proven on the 9m Amphibious Interceptor and demonstrates the focus Sealegs is placing on its technology and OEM business. The Hydrasol and Hydrapak give boat builders more options when designing their craft and, in the case of the Hydrasol, up to 28% more effective deck space. This increased deck space allows amphibious craft to meet the additional space, size and passenger count requirements which are especially relevant in the tourism, commercial and military markets.

Mckee Wright went on to say there would be more news in the short term around Sealegs and some exciting announcements around amphibious enablement kits (AES).

As mentioned, the Hydrasol has already been tried and tested in the field and is today a standard option on the Sealegs Interceptor 9000, and the company reports that two internationally leading boat builders, Gemini and Sillinger, have already started working on donor hulls to accommodate the Hydrasol.


For more information, please contact:
David McKee Wright
Sealegs CEO and Co-Founder 
+64 292 777 444

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