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The IKA-11 represents a paradigm shift in coastal and riverine professional operations and can be customised to the discerning luxury end of the recreational market.  The boat comes includes a military grade all wheel drive amphibious system with a 6,500kgs (14,300lbs) capacity, full cabin, state of the art detection and monitoring (D&M) sensor suite, and the ability to access areas never before thought possible

On the water its a high speed interceptor and command centre. On land, it facilitates safe personnel transfers, covert reconnaissance, and maneuvers up steep hills to provide its sensors with height of eye equivalent to a warship. 

The IKA-11 is powered by twin 335HP twin turbo diesels coupled to heavy duty ZF marine gears and Hamilton 241 Water jets.  It can reach speeds of 40+ knots on water aNd 12KPH (7MPH) on land.