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Sealegs boats have long been prized in the rescue sector as the perfect boat for emergency response.

Coast guards, police departments and flood rescue operations around the globe value our amphibious boats when it comes to shortened response times and access to remote and hard-to-reach locations during accidents and natural disasters. Fire departments and government agencies have managed to save many lives thanks to Sealegs' unique technology.

Fire Departments using Sealegs Amphibious Boats:

  • Westlake Fire Department
  • BOMBA Malaysia
  • Angelsea Fire Co.
  • Lewisville Fire Department
  • Lake City Fire Department
  • Italian Fire Department
  • Bangkok Fire Department
  • Jacksonport Fire Department
  • Jamaica Beach Volunteer Fire Department



Unique Features

fire pump

Bespoke Firepump System

Sealegs firepump systems are built to purpose, working around effective space, required specifications and additional rescue options. Sealegs can build an amphibious fire-fighting boat to suit your specification, so talk to us about your specific needs.




Modular Components

Sealegs understands that the firepump may not be the only rescue option required on the rescue boat, and that the boat's amphibious technology must not be impeded by the fire-fighting technology. All of this is taken into consideration when designing and building the boat.

Fight More Fires

Sealegs amphibious boats allow operatives to fight fires in more locations than traditional fireboats. Expand the range of fire protection in your jurisdiction by employing Sealegs technology. Negotiate flooded areas, coastlines and shallow rivers with Sealegs amphibious fire-fighting boat.

Pick Your Boat

Sealegs can accommodate fire-fighting technology onto any of its production boats. This allows total customisation of the boat including: RIB or D-Tube style, sizes from 6.1m up to 9m, covered or uncovered and full-width console or centre console styles.



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