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Sealegs Delivers World's Largest Amphibious Enablement Systems

Large amphibious eco-tourism vessels incorporating the robust Sealegs System 100 system enable’s adventurous tourists to explore Australia’s coastal wilderness without spoiling it.

Monday 10 September 2018: The first of three new 12.8-metre amphibious boat is joining the fleet of award-winning eco-tourism business Pennicott Wilderness Journeys this month and will be put into service at Victoria's largest coastal wilderness area, Wilsons Promontory.

Sealegs International worked in collaboration with Naiad Design (NZ) and Western Australian boat builder Kirby Marine to integrate its System 100 Amphibious Enablement System on the three new Naiad Eco-tourers. The remaining two vessels are scheduled to be finished by January 2019.

Enabling safe and seamless entry and exit from the water, the Sealegs 100 system allows the large vessels to operate safely and sustainably in areas without jetties, ramps or other infrastructure – and to avoid the need for problematic trailer launch and retrieval.

Pennicott Wilderness Journeys owner Robert Pennicott comments: “The Sealegs technology will allow us to share a spectacular coastal environment with visitors in a way that wasn’t possible previously”.

The new boats are the result of an 18-month project to design and build eco-tourism vessels suitable for amphibious operation on sensitive natural coastal environments and which satisfies Parks Victoria’s exacting tour operator and activity licence requirements.

Sealegs System 100 provides serious on-land capability to boats that can safely transport up to 30 passengers and two crew members in challenging sea states. Sealegs Chief Executive Officer McKee Wright says: “With an enduring vision of redefining what is possible, we’re immensely proud of what has been achieved in a relatively short time by all parties working together on bringing this vision into reality.”

Sealegs works alongside boat builders globally on new opportunities to commercialise System 100, which supports the amphibious operation large vessels on land.

“The Naiad/Kirby Marine collaboration is a fantastic case study for Sealegs System 100. We know the applications for our technology are limited only by the imagination and hope that boat builders everywhere are inspired by the Wilderness Tours boat to maximise the potential of their designs.” say McKee Wright.

The Sealegs System 100 amphibious enablement system (AES) is available on order as a standalone system worldwide to established boat builders with an approved design.

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