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Meet Robbie Wells, a true Sealegs amphibious enthusiast with a passion for all things outdoors, fishing, and Sealegs.

Robbie Wells is both a business owner and experienced adventure fisherman
 - he owns Sun 2 Seaan 100% Australian-made sun protection clothing label for outdoor leisure activities. He's also a professional field angler with Okuma fishingTackle TacticsZmanPlatypus lines and Halco.

Before getting his hands on a Sealegs, Robbie had tried a lot of different fishing boats. Anything from "tinnies" to centre consoles to fibreglass 1/2 cabs - but due to the limitations of these non-amphibious vessels, his fishing trips were planned around tides. Many of the areas he enjoyed fishing at were hard to reach and could only be launched from at half tide or above, via beach launches, or had no real launch site at all.

Being an adventure fisherman, Robbie wanted to travel, fish and film, but more than that he wished he could launch and camp wherever he wanted without the restrictions of boat ramps, tides or sand, both at launch sites and his destination. 

Robbie on his 8.5m
Robbie on his 7.7m D-tube

These were all things he could not do comfortably in a normal boat, but Robbie didn't see any alternative. He was resigned to analyzing tide charts for the rest of his fishing days.

But then, in 2011, Robbie saw Sealegs at a boat show. He immediately started fantasising about the places he could go and what he could do in such a boat. Fortunately for Robbie, Sealegs had a pre-loved 6.1m D-tube in stock and he jumped on the opportunity.

Robbie was immediately blown away by the amphibious capabilities of the boat, the ease of everything, and the potential to take adventure fishing, boating, and camping to a new level - he now had the ability to go where others couldn't. ​

​Robbie said "you can pull up in the beach and camp where no one else has. Sealegs provides safe boating, amazing on water performance and off-road abilities."

Since that first 6m boat, ​​Robbie has owned a second 6.1m D-tube, a 7.1m RIB and a 7.7m Sport D-tube, and has done over 1500 total hours in them exploring the east coast of Australia in a variety of sea conditions.

Now on to his fifth Sealegs, the 8.5m Alloy Cabin, he is still in awe of the boat's amphibious capabilities. A recent adventure to Fraser Island in Queensland Australia (where the sand is incredibly soft), left Robbie amazed by how it handled the unpredictable terrain.​

​The 8.5m is one of the largest and heaviest in the Sealegs range, and as such he had his doubts, but he discovered the terrain was no match for the boat as he drove over the soft sand with ease. ​

Robbie wells with a fish

Sealegs went above and beyond solving the problems Robbie faced with his normal boats - soft sand, coral, rock were all no match for the Sealegs System, which means he can now get to remote areas that he could only dream of previously. He says his only problem now is finding time to go out and adventure more!

​Robbie advocates of the benefits of a Sealegs for anyone, even if you don't live right next to the ocean. He says "don't think you need a waterfront property to take advantage of their convenience and capability. I live 20 minutes from the coast but travel and take it everywhere, it's like a trailer boat but with so many more options".

Robbie says he would recommend Sealegs to anyone. The opportunities his Sealegs have opened him up to are endless, he's able to do more of what he loves, where he wants to do it, and without the restrictions of a normal boat.

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