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Sealegs Charges Into The Future With New Electric Amphibious boat

Sealegs, the world leaders in amphibious boating, continues the amphibious boating revolution it started in 2001 with the unveiling of Sealegs Electric E4.

The Sealegs Electric E4 is a better, faster and more powerful amphibious boat which combines the latest advances in lithium battery and brushless electric hub motor technology. It has been developed based on the patented Sealegs amphibious system together with over 17 years of Sealegs proprietary amphibious system knowledge, marinisation techniques and experience.

Powerful, high-torque hub-mounted brushless electric motors effortlessly drive the Sealegs Electric boat out of the water and up beaches and through difficult terrain. The high density 7kWh lithium battery delivers up to 20 return launch and retrieve journeys on land between charges. Charging is via a built-in mains charger as well as by regenerative braking on land and on-water from the outboard. Mechanical brakes are integrated into the hub motors.

Sealegs Founder and Chief Technology Officer Maurice Bryham said “The release of the Sealegs Electric E4 takes Sealegs global leadership position in amphibious technology to the next level. It is the result of numerous developmental electric prototypes and our ongoing multimillion-dollar investment in amphibious research and development”.

“With Sealegs Electric E4 we have made our amphibious system 33% faster, 60% quieter and 50% more powerful.”

The Sealegs Electric E4 incorporates a Sealegs Amphibious Traction and Control System called AmpTracs. AmpTracs controls the entire amphibious operation and the user interface is through a single unified display. As well as advanced traction control and lithium battery management, the Sealegs AmpTracs controls digital switching of lights and other onboard electrical functions.

Sleek and modern styling is evident throughout the 7.3m Sealegs Electric E4 which features Sealegs new design DNA and a futuristic “glass bridge” flush mounted console dash. Buttons conveniently located within the steering wheel control the deployment of the amphibious wheels. A high contrast, marinised 24” touch screen with Sealegs AmpTracs gives concise and important information to the operator via its large and easy to use interactive graphics.

An innovative seating layout which has seating for eight with a picnic/workstation table and a daybed sun-lounger located at the bow is also featured.

Since the first electric Sealegs in 2001, Sealegs has been continually developing and refining its patented amphibious systems and electric amphibious technology. Sealegs has sold over 1300 amphibious boat in more than 50 counties around the world. The Sealegs Electric E4 model has been developed by Sealegs in New Zealand working in partnership with specialist companies and engineers in Germany, UK, Netherlands and Italy.

The Sealegs Electric E4 will be on display at the Auckland On Water Boat Show from the 27th to 30th September 2018 at the Viaduct Harbour, Auckland, New Zealand.

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