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It was difficult to write this quarters newsletter. On the one hand Sealegs is experiencing a record year, and on the other production constraints have resulted in late deliveries and customers waiting up to two years for their Sealegs.  The same constraints also caused late deliveries of our recently released 6.5m Cuddy Cabin - hugely frustrating.

Some would say high demand is a great problem to have, a testament to the great product Sealegs is, but long lead times do not mark the success of a company… happy customers do.  With that in mind I’m confident we’ve got a lot to make our customers happy about in this newsletter.

Of most significance I’m happy to announce…



This sale will be held on the 14th of October and for the first time in our history customers will be able to literally “drive away” in their ‘new’ Sealegs. On display we will have over 12 Sealegs  (all pre-loved) that have been traded in over the course of the year - these represent serious ‘value for money’ for all budgets. In addition, we’re offering:

  • Guaranteed buy backs (Platinum customers only)
  • Delivery of your Sealegs before Christmas 2023
  • The opportunity to save $000’s on Sealegs Preloved
  • Demo’s available
  • Customisable Warranty and Upgrade Plans available

For those overseas or unavailable to attend in person an online auction will run in parallel with the sale taking place from Friday, October 13th to Sunday, October 15th.  Over the same period a personalised online viewing service will be available.  Our Sealegs team will be available to provide you a video/Zoom call around any craft you may have interest in, as well as answer any questions you may have.  Details to follow



In response to our ever-expanding order book Sealegs is moving into a larger factory targeted at increasing our New Zealand based manufacturing facility 75%.  The new factory is located at 63 View Road, Wairau Valley Auckland.

The facilities will enable more inhouse manufacturing, a part of which will be painting.



As part of the increased manufacturing plans Sealegs has invested in its own state of the art spray booth, spray technology and personnel.  This will give us greater control over quality and efficiency.



Sealegs runs in the blood for the Ewen family. With five years' previous experience at Sealegs in New Zealand, Greg was responsible for the sales of the first 500 Sealegs sold. Later his son Jack was responsible for sales and marketing at Sealegs before heading off to pursue other endeavors.

Today we are delighted that Greg has returned, taking the role of President, Sealegs USA. Greg’s experience coupled with his sense of adventure made him the perfect candidate to lead the Sealegs US team in its next phase of growth.

Having made the move from Auckland, New Zealand to Bristol Rhode Island, Greg is looking forward to building on the significant work the wider US team have put in and further introducing Sealegs to even more North American customers.

"I’m excited to join our exceptional US team and contribute to the fantastic work they do in support of our customers” says Greg Ewen. Based in Bristol Rhode Island, Sealegs USA comprises a showroom as well as a full Sealegs operation delivering service and customer support. Says David McKee-Wright, Sealegs CEO and founder, “under Greg’s leadership I’m confident growth in Sealegs USA will accelerate as we continue to push the boundaries of design and performance with our world beating amphibious models”. 

As President of Sealegs USA, Gregs first priority is the on-going focus on existing customers ensuring the US installed base remain delighted with their investment in the Sealegs product while leveraging that network to explore additional opportunities…. “We have big expectations that I’m confident Greg and the team will deliver on’.




With the increasing size and luxury the Sealegs range offer – the issue of maneuverability on land and particularly in tight spaces has been raised by some customers. Having listened, Sealegs has developed and now released a ‘Super Steering’ option that provides for an enhanced turning radius enabling even better on-land maneuverability.

The new technology provides a 60% increase in steering angle allowing customers to maneuver their Sealegs craft in even tighter, more demanding locations with greater ease and improved accuracy. Maurice Bryham, Sealegs founder and chief technology officer noted “the new ‘super steering’ option is just one more example of the on-going development effort Sealegs continues to undertake in the name of providing ever high levels of satisfaction and useability of to our customers”.

The Super Steering option is available as a ‘retro fit’ to many of the Sealegs range – to see if your craft is eligible, please contact your local Sealegs representative.



Our teams worldwide have been extremely busy with a variety of events the past few months. Greg and the USA East Coast team exhibited at the Newport Boat Show - a hugely popular event conveniently located near our showroom in Rhode Island. Meanwhile, Jay and our West Coast team attended the Boats Afloat Show in Seattle where they secured a prime location right at the entrance of the show, attracting significant attention from visitors. Both of these shows were successful, meeting many new potential Sealegs owners and catching up with many existing owners.

While our USA teams were occupied with their boat shows, Michael in Australia had a busy schedule as well. He attended the Moreton Island fishing competition and hosted a Sealegs owners BBQ catch-up event. This event served as a fantastic opportunity for not only Sealegs owners to reconnect with Michael but also with fellow owners, fostering new connections and making plans for exciting Sealegs adventures in the future.

Following the Moreton Island event, Michael's busy schedule continued as he attended the Perth International Boat Show the following week. Once again, he had the pleasure of meeting a range of new and existing clients, while they explored and admired the 7.5m Hydrasol RIB on display at the show.



We have a few events lined up for the remainder of 2023, and our calendar for 2024 is already filling up! So, what can you expect when it comes to Sealegs events in the coming months?



Nick Jones and the Fishing NZ team recently took to the water aboard a brand-new Sealegs 7.5m Alloy straight off the production line. To delve into their full review:




Click link here to view video: Sealegs 6.5m Alloy Cuddy Cabin is in production

Subsequent to the release of the Sealegs 6.5m we are delighted to confirm production of this new model is in full swing. Having shipped the first few craft overseas, we are now focused on delivery of the next 5 million dollars of local orders across New Zealand and Australia.





ATTN Waiheke Owners: Book your service ready for summer,

James, Sealegs Service Ranger will be on Waiheke from 11/12/23-5/1/24 and has limited availability for annual services between 11/12-22/12. Contact the service team below to book.

Email: [email protected] 


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