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Dear Friends of Sealegs,

I sat down to write this after looking at dozens of Christmas emails from people all around the world and found I was looking not reading them so for everyone reading this email, I’d like to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and THE BEST NEW YEAR your life has to offer so far!

It’s with great joy and difficulty I’m proud to say that despite the economic conditions Sealegs has just had its BEST YEAR EVER.

Difficult because many of our customers are experiencing long lead times and dissappointingly some are going into the holiday season without their new Sealegs, no doubt critical to their enjoyment this coming season. The dissappointment, sadness and even anger is shared by me not only because I’m the CEO of Sealegs and know how hard we have tried to meet deadlines, but because I too am "in the same boat". For the first time in 20 years (because customers come first) I will be without my Sealegs for the Christmas Season. For those of you waiting in the queue know, you’re in the company of more than 140 others like you and that I couldn’t empathise more strongly with your enthusiasm to “experience the joy” of Sealegs and I can assure you it will be worth the wait.

Proud because looking back at 2022 Sealegs has hired more people, expended into more premises and released more products than ever before. A significant delivery during the year was to the US Navy for an amphibious surf capable vehicle (ASCV). Whilst the newly released 12RC, 3.8m Tender and 6.5m Cuddy Cabin are models we are hugely proud of, the electric system continues to be our greatest achievement. In a few years we expect most deliveries will be electric because just like the advertising suggests it is quieter, more intelligent and more powerful. We will continue to invest heavily in the digital control, ergonomics and performance of the electric system which will one day be an option for all models.

In fear of those actually reading this email tuning off, I’ll close with my second most important point and that is to say Thank You.  As I write this, we are at the conclusion of our 7th year nominating the Sealegs "Hero of the Year".  Every year the staff vote for an employee that has contributed the best in professional skills and human values to proudly call our “Hero of the Year”.  This year is especially difficult as I’m proud to say Sealegs is full of amazingly talented people who give their all in delivering the experience of "Sealegs Joy".  It’s a great privilege to be their leader and I’d be remiss not to take a moment to say thank you.  Thank you for your innovations, time, dedication and loyalty, without you there is no Sealegs and as such I can’t say thank you more appreciatively – you inspire me.

In conclusion, and most importantly, life is short and time is precious.  I hope everyone reading (and looking) at this email enjoys the Christmas season and Sealegs brings them all the joy they can dream of – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

David McKee Wright
Chief Executive Officer



As a result of strong demand for the recently released 12RC Sealegs has invested and commissioned the build of a 12M fiberglass version of the same craft – one with a cabin and one without (pictured).  The fiberglass model will improve customer delivery times and provide a more elegant finish to what is already an amazing amphibious vehicle.  We expect the first version to be available for viewing within 6 months and deliveries before the end of 2023.  More information available on request.



In the spirit of innovation, Sealegs recently experimented with the idea of foils.  In co-operation with Armie Armstrong of Armstrong foils, Sealegs was fitted with a set of off the shelf foils to test the viability of foiling a Sealegs.  Without much modification the Sealegs craft successfully lifted out of the water and increased its speed while reducing fuel consumption. 



After almost 20 years of creating the world's finest amphibious craft and having met quite literally thousands of customers during that time we know from experience that Sealegs owners are unique. They think outside the square, are open to new ideas and have a love to adventure. In response Sealegs are delighted to introduce ‘The Sealegs Explorers Club'.

The Explorers Club will open the door to a number of unique experiences for our members, including.

  • Invites to unique customer events
  • Access to and participation in ‘The Navigator’ - a digital collection of awesome Sealegs locations around the world crowd-sourced by Sealegs owners and staff.
  • Customer giveaways
  • Priority scheduling of new craft production slots should you be looking to upgrade.

The Navigator’ – Boating Hidden Gems For Our Sealegs Explorers

Sealegs invites our family of over 1700 global owners to share their favorite boating spots and secret hideaways with other like-minded Sealegs owners. Everyone who shares a location will go into a monthly draw to win great prizes, but most importantly you will be adding to what is already a wonderful resource of hidden islands, coves, beaches as well as useful facilities to explore. We’ll also keep you updated with regular updates on our Sealegs Facebook and Instagram pages. So how does it work…

The next time you’re out enjoying the freedom and Joy your Sealegs offers, take a moment to snap a picture of your favorite hideaway spot. Ensure you have the ‘location’ setting enabled on your smart phone/device then simply email your picture to us at [email protected] and we’ll add it to our growing list of wonderful locations our Sealegs family gets to enjoy.

Each month we’ll pull out three lucky winners who will receive fantastic merchandise and prizes.

By way of a starter check out the locations at the following link that some of our New Zealand based family have already begun posting.  Sealegs Explorers Map - Google My Maps

… and hey, let’s just keep this one between ourselves ok!! 😉



The Sealegs offices will be closed from 24/12/21 until 08/01/22 (inclusive). However, we will have technicians available for emergency call-outs in New Zealand.

New Zealand Owners Only

If you need our assistance over our close down period, please don't hesitate to call through as we will still respond. Please note there will be after-hours charges applied should you need assistance. If your call is not answered, please leave a message including your phone number and a technician will call you back as soon as they are able. 

Call through to 0800 SEALEGS (732 5347) and follow the prompts. 

If you are on the water and it is an emergency, please call your local coastguard. You can find your local coastguard channel here.

International Owners

During the closure period, please direct all enquiries to your regional Sealegs representative. Our suppliers and indeed our offices will be closed, so please expect delays for parts orders during this time. 

Email me a free brochure