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Sealegs International Limited has announced the closing of its international auction of one of the largest amphibious craft the New Zealand Company has ever built. The auction closed after only having been online for less than a week, and selling just below its listed 'Buy-Now' price. 

Sealegs' Global Sales Manager, Jack Ewen, said "it certainly isn't the first time Sealegs has made headlines for such unique reasons. IKA11 has been in high demand since its debut at the Auckland on Water Boat Show in 2016 and this high demand was reflected in the response to the auction listing which had in excess of 33,000 views, and over 243 registered parties interested in the auction."

Mr. Ewen suggested that for any interested parties who missed out on the IKA11, there would be the opportunity to request a demo on the new Sealegs 12m Amphibious Cabin craft which is currently in build. 

Sealegs' CEO, David McKee Wright, commented "the capabilities of the Sealegs System 100 are endless, and we certainly believe our in-house designed Sealegs 12m Cabin takes amphibious boating to a whole new level".

To learn more on the Sealegs 12RC and to register interest, please click here:


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