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As the world leader in amphibious boating, Sealegs continues to invest in the innovation and development of its proprietary amphibious systems. 

The latest development allows fingertip control of the retractable wheels via buttons mounted on "wings" from the steering wheel hub.  As part of the Sealegs AmpTracs (Amphibious Traction and Control System) this allows the operator to quickly and safely deploy or retract the wheels without taking their hands off the steering wheel. 

This ergonomic innovation is the combination of Sealegs customer useage analysis from around the world, alongside design and field testing. 

Sealegs CEO David McKee Wright said "Sealegs is excited to release the push button amphibious steering wheel control system, and it continues our commitment to delivering world leading innovations and proprietary IP on Sealegs amphibious craft". 

The Sealegs amphibious steering wheel control utilises digital switching.  Sealegs has sold more than 1500 amphibious craft in over 50 countries worldwide.  Sealegs was the first company in the world to build amphibious production boats, the first to build an electric amphibious boat and the first to build an amphibious boat with programmable logic control (PLC), all in Auckland, New Zealand.

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