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Sealegs Update Header August 2020

Kia Ora Friends of Sealegs, 

Sealegs proudly shipped its 1,500th craft and it gave me a very rare moment to pause for thought on how far we’ve come.  I could say many things about the last 15 years and 1500 craft but I think the most important and honest thing is that I'm immensely proud to have been part of the team that got us to the 1500 milestone.

I know the entire  team at Sealegs are also proud to be pioneering  the amphibious boat market and be the world leaders. The difference between being a leader and a follower is innovation.  In this update you'll find some exemplary examples of innovation:

1. A timeline that reflects on the amazing journey to shipping our 1500th amphibious craft.

2. Had an editorial published that looks back at the last 15 years and provides some insight into the future.

3.Produced a video to commemorate the 1500 achievement.  (If you have the time watch the 1000 (released 2015) and this latest 1500 release together as they tell a great story

4.  Added two new exciting models to the range:

  • The 12m Cabin RIB which is the biggest Sealegs we've ever built
  • The 7.5m Semi Cab which the most protection available on a 7.5m



Our largest Sealegs ever.

The 12m platform can accommodate toilets, showers, galley, multiple berths and salon.


The 7.5m Semi Cab protects passengers from wind and weather, with a full width console and electrically powered windscreen, increasing their comfort and protection.

5.  We've also created an online store to provide owners access to products that will help care and maintain their Sealegs.  Over time the store will be built up to provide access to spare parts and merchandising as well. 

Visit the Sealegs store and make the most of your amphibious experience.


We would like to remind our owners of the important of maintaining battery charge at all times, and particularly when your Sealegs is stored for extended periods. The best way to achieve reliable battery performance is to use a plug-in trickle charger, either through its 12v socket or via a dedicated charger socket in the console

Furthermore, all new Sealegs will now come standard with a dedicated charging socket that provides the most reliable and intuitive charging experience.

When charging through the 12v socket it is important to remember that while the red battery isolator switch on the console can be turned off, the 24hour circuit inside the console on the circuit breaker should be left on to allow the batteries to charge.


Following the huge response to our last giveaway of the fuel transfer pump, we’ve decided this time to give all our owners who read this newsletter a chance to win 1 of 5 Tyre Care Packages.

Containing an AirHawk Pro – a portable air compressor allowing you to adjust tyre pressures wherever you are, and MaxiSeal – a fantastic product to inject in your tyres that plugs any leaks that occur, allowing you to keep on boating on land and sea! 

To win these fantastic products, please reply to this email with your name, boat number, and address, along with your favourite photo of your Sealegs. Winners will be picked on the 31st August 2020 so there is plenty of time to take a photo of your Sealegs in its local landscape.


6.  In recent months, our new 7.5m Hydrasol RIBs have been filling our factory floor and flowing out the door to new owners around the world.


We’ve enjoyed seeing the personality and style of our customers, expressed in their colour and configuration choices, and the feedback we’ve had from customers has been hugely positive. Feedback we've heard thus far is "Best boat I ever owned" and "The quality of the boat and of your service from everyone I met during the build process has been outstanding."

See more images of these incredible amphibious boats on our website here


Hope you found the newsletter of interest and don't hesitate to get in touch.  It has been an amazing 15 years and thinking about the joy our customers have on their Sealegs will continue to drive us to deliver great amphibious innovations and world firsts.

It’s difficult to express the “kaleidoscope of amazing” when given the freedom to explore coast lines the way that only a Sealegs can. We call it the joy of Sealegs.

Sharing that joy with other people is what drives our ambition and determination.

Be Amphibious.

David McKee Wright
Sealegs CEO

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