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Sealegs Offer Choice in New Class of Amphibious RIB

Sealegs International today announce the world debut of the latest amphibious RIB from the makers of the world’s most trusted amphibious technology. The Sealegs 7.5m RIB, available with either Electric or Hydraulic amphibious enablement system (AES) will be on display at the Auckland On Water Boat Show, in Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour.

Consolidating the feedback from 1400 Sealegs owners worldwide, the new model provides purchasers unparalleled choice in configuration, design, and technology. As either an Electrosol (Electric Drive) or Hydrasol (Hydraulic Drive) the 7.5m RIB provides a platform of modular design that optimises the craft for socialising, all-round utility, or commercial applications.

The new hull on display in Auckland provides and example of the social configuration including an onboard 49L fridge, wet bar, lounge seating and the worlds most popular amphibious technology. Allowing waterfront residents to maximise the benefits of their location, the Sealegs 7.5m RIB provides an effortless access and enjoyment from the environment that surrounds them.

Sealegs CEO David McKee Wright said “Sealegs is proud to continue our tradition of leading amphibious innovation globally and we’re excited to deliver the unprecedented level of joy to our customers that this new model brings”

The new craft will be conducting on water demonstrations through the show from the 3rd to 6th October.

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