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Introducing the new Recreation 7.7m Cabin


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Sealegs Blog

If you live on or near the water, experiencing a Sealegs will be nothing short of life changing for you.  With millions spent in R&D investment our company has developed the only proven technology in the world which transforms a powerful all-terrain vehicle into a high-speed, ocean going speed boat - all at the push of a button.

With a Sealegs, you have the ability to launch and retrieve your vessel safely, effortlessly and in a matter of minutes. This is the reason so many of our clients find themselves on the water a great deal more once they have their Sealegs. Should you own a property on or near the beach, the ability to be on water for the small windows of opportunity when time or weather permits, changes the game entirely.

Our clients represent an exclusive club of just 750 owners in 35 countries worldwide.


Recreational Sealegs users enjoy:

  • Safe Boating with Family and Young Children
  • Water Skiing, Wake Boarding and Other Water Sports
  • Diving
  • Leisure Boating
  • Saving Time on Launch and Retrieval
  • Fishing